Franco - Best I Ever Shirt

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For anyone wanting a captivating and irresistible look, this Franco band t-shirt can't be passed up! Released in conjunction with their single "Best I Ever," it includes designs on both the front and back and is made in all-black fabric. The main design is located on the back of the shirt: a huge, impressive image of an electric guitar that has been plunged into the depths of the ocean. It slowly sinks towards the ocean floor, leaving a trail of bubbles in its wake. This entire scene is painted in beautiful shades of ocean blue-green, while the edges of the image appear faded and worn. Beneath the image is the band name, Franco, printed in subtle, ocean-blue-green letters. On the front of the shirt is a small version of the Franco logo, also printed in blue-green ink. The logo is a large cresting wave, drawn in thick outlining strokes. Surrounding this logo is a circular design and the band's name along with the single name, "BEST I EVER." This design is located on the left side of the chest.
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