Tower of Doom - Comic Shirt

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Whether you're a comic book aficionado or just like that old-school vibe, this Tower of Doom t-shirt has a lot to offer. Covered with authentic little details and printed in bold colors that pop, this t-shirt is guaranteed to be a favorite wherever you go!

The t-shirt's design features a dark and lonesome tower set against the faded reds and yellows of a twilight sky. In the background are black silhouettes of a haunted forest as well as a few scattered bats flying into the distance. In the foreground the words “Tower of Doom” are scrawled in a large and menacing font.

This t-shirt is made in black fabric and the design covers the entire front torso. The t-shirt is covered with extensive design details imitating a classic comic book cover. Some of these details include a barcode stamp and a label saying “Issue #666.” The image is also made using the signature dotted halftone design of comic books.

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